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We are the manufacturers & exporters of premium quality nails and tacks used in the footwear, hardware and hoof care industry. We are a team of hardworking people dedicated towards making the superior quality products using the latest machinery and tools.
Director's Message
It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Prime steel products website. I began this company with nothing much more than a pocket full of dreams.

I was born in a family of hardworking people. My late father S.Harnam Singh were a small farmer but had high social values. Like every father he taught me to become a good man first then do something valuable in life and his core values were to do hard work and forget about the results.

In the year 1972, we founded a small company and started the
manufacturing of tacks for footwear industry. Soon the business started to prosper, it motivated me to a great extent and in the year 1976, I started the expansion of the company and a line of new machines were made and the company was on its way to become a larger organization That was the struggling phase of my life; I had a dream in my eyes to make quality products, a vision to establish myself as a self made man. I did not have any formal education as an engineer but my passion for the machines made me into an engineer with practical knowledge.

Following the core values and through constant research and development, we started manufacturing horse shoe nails and the nails for hardware industry. At prime steel products we never compromised quality for profitability and this was the reason that our products were accepted very well in the market.

Then came the era of globalization and hence we started our export business. I feel very proud that today our products are very well recognized for our premium quality worldwide. I proudly say that all our machines for nail making are manufactured by us by using the latest advance technology for high accuracy and quality.

“We understand your needs and strive to make a nail which gives you the highest level of satisfaction”
My experience in the manufacturing of nails is more than 35 years and that is why you can trust on prime steel products because with experience comes knowledge. I assure you that you will feel that the satisfaction derived from using our products is much more worth than the money you spend.
(Managing Director)  
Mr.Jaswant Singh